One of the first things people notice when meeting someone is their smile. Like many other parts of your body, your smile can make you look older. Here are a few ways you can slow down what aging does to your mouth.


1. Whitening: There are a lot of teeth whitening treatments available, and the over-the-counter treatments are fine—if your teeth aren’t very dull to begin with.  If you have stains that are more than a few years old, you’ll want to get your teeth professionally whitened.

2. Veneers: If you’re over 40, your smile has started to narrow; when you smile, your side teeth don’t show as they used to.  That makes it look like you don’t have teeth in the corners of your mouth. Veneers help fill in your corners, and the front of your smile as well.  The latest veneers can be installed without damaging your existing teeth, and they look more natural than older veneers.

3. Braces:  As we age, our teeth gravitate to the middle of the mouth and lean inward.  That causes crowding in the front, which causes the mouth to droop.   Crowded teeth can also lead to gum disease and stroke or heart attack.  The solution is getting your teeth realigned.  The latest braces are removable, almost invisible and comfortable.  Bringing your teeth into proper alignment will broaden your smile and make those years fall off.  

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