“Putting into words the way I have felt since getting my smile makeover has been nearly impossible. I waited my whole life to have beautiful teeth. There is no explaining how it feels to smile for a picture and not worry about the angle so that my teeth look okay. It just feels amazing. More important was the way the staff and Dr. Dunlap made me feel, making sure I was comfortable and at ease the entire process. At the very end their goal was to make me the best version of myself I’ve ever been. They far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t just get a smile makeover, I gained a small family. They didn’t just change my smile, they changed my life.”

Jessica T.

“As a physician, I naturally experience a number of stressful days and, after a few years, began having significant headaches and jaw pain. I tried everything to avoid taking medications: avoiding caffeine, exercise, over-the-counter medications and so on. One day, during a routine cleaning, I discussed these symptoms with Dr. Dunlap who mentioned the NTI device and recommended that I give it a try. After one week, the frequency and intensity of the headaches dramatically improved. Not long after, I began recommending the NTI to my patients suffering from similar symptoms and have had impressive results that are nothing short of remarkable. It continues to be a primary recommendation to my patients as it is affordable, easy to use and backed by clinical studies.

Furthermore, Dr. Dunlap has a passion for his profession that is unrivaled in any field. His high ethical standard, honest principles and technical prowess are enough to convince me of his talent and trustworthiness. Feeling like I’m part of the family every time I walk in his office.”

Michael S.

Get the brighter, healthier smile you’ve always wanted.

“I couldn’t be happier with the NTI. I wear it every night with no problem. I found it really easy to get used to and I no longer wake up with headaches. Highly recommend it.”

Brent J.

“For the past 20 years or so I was very self-conscious of my crooked teeth. I hated my smile in pictures. Thanks to Dr. Dunlap, I smile all the time. Love it.”

Sharon D.
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