Millions of Americans live their lives under the constant scourge of headaches. They visit doctor after doctor, rarely finding the cause of these headaches or a cure. Dr. Dunlap has discovered that many of these people are suffering the side effects of nightly clenching and grinding. Dr. Dunlap has helped hundreds of patients get life-changing relief from their headaches, jaw pain, and even neck pain. A new tiny, comfortable device is crafted for the patient to wear at night. Within days dramatic relief is achieved.

Banish Headaches with NTI

A Dunlap Dental patient talks about her life changing experience--her headaches are a thing of the past--another NTI success story!

NTI helps a veteran get rid of headaches

It's amazing what the NTI can do. This veteran's story is a heartwarming example!

No more headaches, thanks to NTI

No more nighttime grinding means no more headaches, thanks to the NTI.

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